Baltimore Harbour Area

These are a few pics I took around the harbour in Baltimore. Its a wonderful place to walk around in the evenings.

Easily one of the most eye-catching buildings around the pier. And it has a Barnes & Noble bookstore next to a Hard Rock Cafe.

The USS Constellation. It didn’t come out too well – the sun just outside the lens caused a small lens flare and pretty much killed the exposure.

The building on the far side of the bridge is the Baltimore National Aquarium.

This is inside the aquarium which has a very large glass house.

It didn’t move a muscle or even blink. It might just be a very convincing model.

Back outside after sundown on the pier.

The harbour has paddle boats for rent for tourists. The dragon shaped ones are awesome – for sure if dragons exist, they’ll pull this smirk off with style!


2 comments on “Baltimore Harbour Area”
  1. Sumana says:

    Nice pic Adarsh. Would love to rent that paddle boat 🙂

    1. adarshatwar says:

      We did rent a boat. It was fun paddling around and crashing into other boats. 🙂

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