Ridley Creek State Park

Ridley Creek State Park is the closest state park to my house. So it is likely going to be the park I’ll visit most often, for hiking or for simply having a quiet time.

These are a few photos I took over the last couple of weekends. Most were taken while ambling along the Yellow Trail. With spring yet to come, the state park is still bare – skeletal trees envelope you. So most photos have a desolate look to them – no foliage, lots of dead trees, trees with flaky barks. Thankfully this last Saturday we had a bit of freak snow followed by warm sunshine on Sunday – so the melting snow & ice against a bright sun and blue skies made for an interesting contrast and added a dash of colour to an otherwise bleak collection of photos.

Ridley Creek-1

Ridley Creek-2

Ridley Creek-3

Ridley Creek-4

Ridley Creek-5

Ridley Creek-6

Ridley Creek-8

Ridley Creek-11

Ridley Creek-12

Ridley Creek-13

Ridley Creek-14

Ridley Creek-16

Ridley Creek-19

Ridley Creek-21

Ridley Creek-23


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